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Shinyaeva Ol'ga Viktorovna, Doctor of sociological sciences, professor, head of sub-department of political science, sociology and public relations, Ulyanovsk State Technical University (32 Severniy Venets street, Ulyanovsk, Russia),
Ushkova Yuliya Valer'evna, Postgraduate student, Ulyanovsk State Technical University (32 Severniy Venets street, Ulyanovsk, Russia),

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Background. In the conditions of change of social mobility in modern Russia the importance of family resources in social success of the younger generation increases. It increases relevance of scientific research of structure of the capital of parental family; identifications of the capital which is possessed by different types of the Russian families. The problem of change of the capital of parental family depending on her social characteristics is of sociological interest.
Materials and methods. In article the theoretical ideas, results of researches of foreign and Russian sociologists, the theoretical bases and interpretation of data of author’s sociological poll are used. An empirical object of a research is young people aged from 22 up to 35 years, living in large, average and the small cities, settlements and villages of the Ulyanovsk region. The objectives of article are achieved by means of structural and activity approaches, which have allowed to carry out the analysis of the family capital from positions of society and young subjects; to disclose its structure in material, spiritual, behavioral aspects of functioning of family.
Results. From three components of the family capital allocated with us the younger generation below everything has estimated the level of an economic resource – reforms “have eaten” all accumulation of ordinary Russians. The condition of a human and cultural component is estimated by young people at the average level that is caused by incomplete compliance of cultural and human resources of parents to requirements of dynamically changing modern society.
Conclusions. From the family capital of parents the vast majority of the Russian youth (to three quarters) will take social optimism, mutual assistance and support in family, friendly and status relations of the senior generation, high working capacity, family and related traditions. Other resources should be accumulated to transfer the updated family capital to the children: new relation to education and competences, readiness for change of a profession and places of work, new forms of financial behavior, subjectivity of life, responsibility for health and resistance to stress.

Key words

family capital; economic, human, cultural components of the capital; social success of youth

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